September Edition 2020

P A R T N E R S & C O DEDICATED OFFICES LOCAL PHONE AND EMAIL BUSINESS LOUNGE ADMIN SUPPORT CONCIERGE SERVICES CONFERENCE ROOMS & EVENTS FOR OUR SPECIAL OFFERS TO ISRAELDESKS READERS +972 (54) 522 5280 | Or check our website Partners & Co. is an exclusive business lounge & work space consisting of International and Israel's prestigious lawyers & law firms. Our spacious, luxurious offices are located in the heart of Tel Aviv on the upper f loors of Hagag Towers, nearby Sarona Market, Rothchild Boulevare, in the heart of the city's business and cultural hub. The variety of memberships enable our residents to enjoy premium standard facilities, with maximum f lexibility to adjust to their own specific needs. SET YOUR NEXT TLV MEETINGS AT YOUR HOME BASE PARTNERS & CO - THE EXCLUSIVE BUSINESS LOUNGE FOR LAW FIRMS IN THE HEART OF TEL AVIV Welcome to Tel Aviv. Whether it's your first visit or the 10th, you would love having your own home base here, where you can engage your business, host your meetings, create your local network and enjoy that familiar home feeling, even while you're all about business.