June Edition 2021

51 10. Assess Insider Threats and Physical Security: Insiders present a significant risk to companies in connection with cyberattacks and other theft of data. Assessing high risk employees, limiting employees only to those parts of the system that they need access to perform their jobs, having checks and balances against those with administrative rights to the system are all steps that should be considered. In addition, at companies with highly valuable information, we’ve seen nation states approach employees, or threat actors dropping thumb drives in the elevator or lobby in the hopes that an employee will pick it up and stick it into their laptop. Be sure employees are educated and that the company’s HR department is on high alert for any at risk, disgruntled employees is important. Cutting off access as soon as an employee departs the company is also important. Contact Info BRENDA SHARTON Partner Boston +1 617 728 7113 brenda.sharton@dechert.com